Western China - a Panorama PhotoJourney (2009)
In early 2009 my beloved and I went to China for a holiday/PhotoJourney. It was a guided tour for about 3 weeks, and by luck, we ended up being a guide and a driver and just us. This gave us a lot of flexibility in terms of where to go and how long to stay. For example, in Xian, at the Entombed Warriors site, we just said "no thanks" to going back into town for a "wonderful lunch", and continued photographing the Warriors. This touring flexibility gave both of us a lot of enjoyment.

Stitching images is fun, and sometimes very useful. Maybe you want a HUGE vista, maybe you have the wrong lens and want to get a wider angle shot. The camera used for these photographs has an 8 megapixel sensor. Some of these stitched images are 50 megapixel and above. And after this PhotoJourney, with more practise, I was habitually taking 150 megapixel and above sized images. Experiences like that make for a wonderful PhotoJourney.

This short PhotoJourney is just a gallery of vista photographs of some Panoramas of Western China. I hope you enjoy them and maybe it will convince you to do a similar PhotoJourney to Western China.

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