Christmas Island - a PhotoJourney (2014)
In late June 2014, a friend and I visited the Australian Territory of Christmas Island, located 2600 km north-west of Perth, Western Australia, but just 360 km from Java. It has been called the "Galapagos of the Indian Ocean". Hot, humid, full of jungles and wildlife.
The rugged coastline, the ubiquitous Red, Blue and Robber Crabs, the easily accessible bird life, all make Christmas Island a great place for a photographer.
There are a number of pitfalls though if you are not prepared. So plan well before going.

This PhotoJourney indicates the typical iconic images that you should aim for if you visit Christmas Island.
This eBook was used by the Christmas Island Tourism Association and was available from their website.
It has been downloaded from there ~300 times (December 2016).

The PDF eBooks:
  • a 580 megabyte 190 page high resolution image PDF document
  • a 60 megabyte 190 page ebook resolution image PDF document     <-- Best choice.
  • a 14 megabyte 190 page screen resolution image PDF document
The PDF has many internal cross-references as well as 40+ links to external sites.
This eBook does NOT contain the "Planning for a PhotoJourney" sections. See separate eBook

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