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Tasik Ria, Manado - a Diving PhotoJourney (2017)
In late 2015, the family of the principal author gave him a PADI diving course for his birthday, something he had wanted to do for a long time. Nothing happened except research, and a snorkelling holiday for the four authors to Koh Libong in early 2016. But in late 2016 the other male author said "Let's do it!" and we became diving buddies via a PADI course at Dolphin Scuba. Since early 2017, we have been knocking up the weekly dives and taking courses, so as to increase our experience and knowledge.

Dolphin Scuba had a very good value 8 day/7 nights tour to Manado in Sulawesi, Indonesia in June, and the four of us started planning to go. This eBook shows our adventure.
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The PDF has many internal cross-references as well as 205+ links to external sites.
This eBook does NOT contain the "Planning for a PhotoJourney" sections. See separate eBook

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